Truth always finds its way

Destroy Madrid

“No one knows how it really started… Some say it was because of the crisis, the disgust, the unemployment, the hunger… Others think it was a conspiracy, and those few little black hands that pull the strings were bored and wanted to play. Me? I just think it was the time to break the rules, to stop this fucking big wheel fed with our pain and condenscendence.”

– A survivor.

Destroy Madrid is an action/sci-fi/political short film. And at the same time, it works as a proof-of-concept that is expected to be explored in a feature film, which screenplay I am writting.

We have invested more than two years producing the short film, with no grants and no external financing, and we have given everything for it. Because, in addition to the visual spectacle, we also portray our generation distaste for the present establishment. But all this work will be totally meaningless if we don’t show it. If you enjoy it and share it, Destroy Madrid will live on for a long time, and possibly we will be able to continue the story in new amazing films that might delight you.

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Premiered at Sitges IFF 2016

+80 Official Selections

20 Awards


Short film


9 min


Sci-fi, action


Javier Server
Fernando Cayo
Ramón Quesada
Ricardo Reguera

CATEGORY Shortfilm