Changing her personality won't be easy


In the afterlife, a nice girl from Earth is willing to get a new personality for her next life cycle, one that truly works: really selfish and superficial. But she is still a looser, and getting that personality won’t be easy.

Teresa Hurtado plays the nice young woman with a great conflict: she is a good person, and in today’s world that doesn’t grant happiness. That’s why she wants to become a triumpher, but her current personality will play a trick on her.

Pilar Torriente performs the role of the public worker in the afterlife, a dull woman, bored with her daily work, whose aim is to manage personalities and maintain the balance of mother-fucker-ism in the universe.

The source of the global crisis that humanity is passing through doesn’t steam much on economy, politics, religion or planet’s available resources. There’s a more in-depth crisis whose roots poisons all others: an ethical values crisis.

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Short film


6 min


Comedy, Fantasy


Teresa Hurtado

Pilar Torriente

José Alfaro

CATEGORY Shortfilm